BAAHR is a smart modern age scare crow. Through its advance telly-acoustics that employs infrasonic, ultrasonic and sonic sounds it is able to repel a wide variety of animals and birds. Protect your crops, orchards, vineyards and vegetation with BAAHR.


CAMPER is a one stop solution for the snakes infesting your homes godowns lawns and camping area. Spray one shot or create a perimeter with CAMPER and repel the snakes with no fear and snakes gone.


Spraying one shot of KEET finds insect gone for days. KEET is an efficient solution when it comes to protecting from wide variety of insects such as mosquito and other insects.


The gnawing rodents can wreak havoc to the electronics to the food godowns and various of the household items. One shoot of GAWN into the rat hole or kitchen or godowns relieves you of mice in a very cost effective manner.