Let’s work together for our country

Agriyaan Technologies Private Limited, a Group Company of Scyara Group of Industries was founded on 29th October, 2020 with the motto of development of State-of-the-Art products for the farmers and using AgriTech innovations for the society.

Agriculture being one of the most important sectors of the Indian economy, immensely contributes to the national GDP and also sustains the livelihood of the 60% of the population. Not only fproviding food for the the entire population, agriculture provides the society with various biological products that feed into various other industries and thus sustain an entire industrial ecosystem. Agriyaan Technologies recognise these two sectors as being of enourmus growth and development potential and focuses on technologies for agriculture and biotechnology coming out of agriculturally produced cash crops.

Face of agriculture is gradually changing with the advancement of technologies and implementation of innovative ideas. Agriyaan takes the initiative to work on the problems faced by farmers within India and across the world. Agriyaan took up the challenge of solving a problem of national importance – Crop protection from wild animals and birds through a novel model system based on tele-acoustic and the device that was build around it that we call BAAHR(). In an ingenious effort natrunal molecules were purified and turned into a snake repulsion spray-can product for our defense personnel.

The bi-flanking approach thus demonstrates the vision of the company,mission of the company and enourmus capabilities that the company has acquired within short spam of time. The company believes in the continues development of technologies,products,system and its people. Rising global population mendates that company and organizations build cost affective and affecacious products and therefore we believe in “DEVELOPED IN INDIA , MADE IN INDIA , FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD”.

For its various efforts and as acknowledegement of its various sucesses the company earned a recognition as a Social Alpha Company- A Joint Program of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Tata Trusts, IIT-Kanpur and CINI. The company also been recognized by NIFTEM through its NSIP program. We hope that you will tell our story to others and be a part of story itself and the matters here.